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Athleisure and Yoga Apparel

At Tail Activewear, we're focused on providing women with athletic apparel that's fashionable, comfortable and high performance. Our line of athleisure and yoga apparel includes leggings and moisture-wicking tops that encourage you to reach your fitness goals without having to sacrifice confidence or comfort. Whether you're hitting the gym, the track, or the yoga studio, our line of athleisure and yoga apparel will take you from your workout to the rest of your day while keeping you fresh and fashionable the entire time.

Fashion and Fitness

Our Tail Activewear line of athleisure and yoga apparel is designed to take you from a yoga class or the gym to the rest of your day without having to stop at home in between. An impressive array of colors, patterns, fits, and features (pockets, zippers, buttons, collars, drawstrings and more) allow you to find the pieces of athletic apparel that suit your individual style. You'll feel comfortable wearing your Tail Activewear sports bras, leggings, tanks and shorts on your off-workout days, too.

Athleisure Apparel

  • Sports bras: Your sports bra is one of your most important pieces of athletic apparel, and our Tail Activewear sports bras are designed to provide the support you need, while remaining comfortable for all-day wear. Polyester and Spandex blends keep you cool and performing at your best, while fashionable fits and straps (racerback or classic) make our sports bras ones you won't want to hide.
  • Tank tops: Tank tops provide optimal mobility for yoga sessions, workouts, and all of the demands of a busy day. Our Tail Activewear tanks feature moisture-wicking fabrics that pull sweat away from your body and to the exterior of the fabric, keeping you fresh and cool long after you've left the gym, studio, or court. Our wide selection of fits, patterns, styles, and colors allow you to choose the athleisure tanks that keep you feeling comfortable and confident.
  • Leggings: Our Tail Activewear leggings are the bottoms you'll find yourself wearing every day. While the high-performance, stretchy and moisture-wicking compression fabrics are ideal for yoga sessions and workouts, they'll remain your go-to pants for post-workout lunches, running errands, and every activity in between.
  • Shorts: You'll get the range of motion you need out of every pair of our Tail Activewear athleisure shorts. Designed for comfort, mobility and style, our shorts are made from high-performance materials and come in a variety of fits and lengths, so you can stop worrying about discomfort and focus on mastering more yoga poses and reaching new personal bests.

All Sizes and Fits

All of our Tail Activewear clothing is designed to suit a wide range of shapes and sizes. You'll find sizes ranging from XS to XXL and 2 to 18, and fits from fitted to relaxed, yet flattering. Our comprehensive size chart will help you feel confident finding your perfect size online, and our customer service team is always available by phone (1-888-902-1341) or email ( to answer all of your questions about sizing and fit.