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Women’s Sleeveless Golf Tops

Golf is more than a sport; it's a lifestyle. That's why fit, fabric, and fashion are the key elements of every Tail Activewear sleeveless golf top. We're not just outfitting you for style, performance and comfort on the course; we're outfitting you for wherever the day takes you — from the course to the clubhouse and beyond. Our sleeveless women's golf tops are designed to enhance your performance and confidence for every round you play. Our sleeveless women’s golf tops are designed with the latest runway trends in mind. Finally, women can bring their individual styles to the course without sacrificing comfort or performance. Tail sleeveless golf tops are available in a wide variety of solid colors, stylish patterns, and flattering cuts that can be confidently worn on the course, at the clubhouse, and throughout the remainder of the day. • Styles: Tail Activewear sleeveless golf shirts are available in a variety of styles to emphasize your individuality. We offer women’s sleeveless golf polo shirts, zippered tops, sleeveless tops with mock necks, tops with ribbed collars, and tops with a variety of other modern necklines and features. • Cuts: You won't feel confident on the course if your golf top doesn't fit perfectly. Our sleeveless women’s golf tops are available in various styles to suit a wide variety of figures. When shopping on our site, you're guaranteed to find a top that feels like it was made for you. • Prints and designs: Tail Activewear sleeveless golf shirts are available in a wide range of colors and prints to suit every golfer's individual style. From the latest collection to classic pastels, we have the designs and colors you're seeking. Additionally, our stylish golf tops are easily paired with our large selection of Tail Activewear women's golf bottoms.

Performance-Driven Activewear

Tail Activewear is known for providing the highest-performing golf clothing in the industry. Our trendy golf tops are made from fabrics that are breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and comfortable in all weather conditions. Tail sleeveless golf tops also provide UPF 50 protection, keeping your skin safe from the sun on and off the course. Stretchy polyester and spandex blends provide a wider range of motion, so you can play your best game without sacrificing comfort or a flattering fit.

Fits for Everyone

At Tail Activewear, we design golf apparel for women of all shapes and sizes. Our sleeveless women’s golf tops range from XS to XXL. We offer a top to suit your style and comfort preferences. Our easy-to-follow size charts will help you find the tops that feel like they're made for you. If you have any additional questions about sizing or fits, our Customer Relations team is available via email at or phone at 1-888-906-1341. At Tail Activewear, our sleeveless golf tops encourage you to bring your individual style to the course, the clubhouse, and beyond. These golf tops are so comfortable and stylish, you'll want to wear them every day of the week.